The Father Center was founded by Dr. Brad Sachs in 1987, with the purpose of providing The Father Center, founded by Dr. Brad Sachsa setting in which men could explore and examine the process of being, and becoming, a father.

Originally designed to meet the needs and concerns of expectant and new fathers, it has since grown to address a wide range of fatherhood issues, including those of stepfathers, adoptive fathers, single fathers, and foster fathers, as well as fathers of teenagers and fathers of children with special needs.

The Father Center sponsors on-going and time-limited discussion and therapy groups for men, as well as on-site workshops and seminars on child development and marital and family life.

Dr. Brad Sachs, the father of three children, is the Director of The Father Center. A psychologist and the author of numerous articles and books on fatherhood, he has been a long-time advocate for the salient and significant role that men can and should play in family life from its very inception.

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