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"Online Therapy with Couples 1/5: A Clinical Quarantine"
How is Covid-19 impacting, and illuminating, our work with intimate partnerships? Beginning a new blog series about conducting online therapy with couples, psychologist and author Brad E. Sachs considers the way in which all couples therapy mimics quarantine - and the importance of establishing ground rules.

"On The Importance of Treatment Failure"
We do all we can to avoid feelings of failure. And yet, argues Brad E. Sachs, failures in psychotherapy can actually serve the needs of the client. Here, the psychologist and author of recent guidebook The Good Enough Therapist explains why he views it as a considerable accomplishment, between client and therapist, when they reach the point at which both feel like failures.

"The Myth of the Mindful Parent"
Parenthood was never intended to be a peaceful, passive endeavor. Child development is-and will always be-a dynamic, embattled, and, at times, bewildering, process. A certain baseline amount of friction and ruthlessness is to be expected when both generations fight to do their jobs-when children fiercely rattle the family cage as they struggle towards freedom and self-sufficiency, and when parents painfully learn when to release their offspring from the grip of caregiving and how to tolerate feeling abandoned when they are left behind and nudged towards the margins of insignificance.

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