Dr. Brad Sachs




Dr. Brad Sachs is a compelling, engaging and inspiring speaker who strives to do more than just be a "sage on a stage" and instead attempts to create, as a result of his presentation, a broader, deeper community-wide dialogue on matters that are of importance to children/adolescents and their schools and families.

He lectures regularly throughout North America and the world on the philosophy and strategies detailed in his most recent books.

He also regularly addresses a wide range of other topics in his programs for students, teachers, and/or parents, including:

For additional information about his programs and availability, please fill out the Lecture Request Form so that a file can be started, and Dr. Sachs's office manager will be back in touch with you.


"The most reassuring, helpful parenting seminar I've ever had the pleasure of attending..." -Mike McMillan, Columbus, OH

"From the moment you began speaking, I knew I was going to be a better mother..." -Denise Flanzer, Alexandria VA

"I left your workshop elated, relieved, and inspired..." -Ginger Hurwich, Bethesda, MD

"Absolutely wonderful-I've never heard anyone speak about fatherhood with such passion and such insight..." -Jacob Tillman, Hartford, CT

"Heartwarming and instructive-thanks so much for coming to work with our staff..." -Millie Estes, Orlando, FL

"You exceeded all of our expectations-your attitude was refreshing, your lecture was funny, and your warmth was contagious..." -Beverly Bennington, Des Plaines, IL

"Informative, entertaining, and unique-I've told everyone I know to get ahold of your books or tapes..." -Michelle Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

"Wonderful stories, real-life examples, practical strategies, and a world of wisdom to offer us-please come back and speak to us every year..." -Donna Blume, Philadelphia, PA

"We've never had as successful a Parents' Day as we did when you joined us-your message is one that our mothers and fathers needed and wanted to hear..." -Maria Delacruz, Richmond, VA

"You were so respectful of the hard work required of us as parents-instead of feeling worse about ourselves, we felt so much better." -Jamal Robertson, Washington, DC


"Dr. Sachs was an excellent presenter, and provided me with the most practical workshop on family dynamics that I have had the pleasure of attending." -Dr. Susan Indreason, Indianapolis, IN

"Well-done, organized, informative and inspiring-I left looking very much forward to implementing in my practice all that I learned from Dr. Sachs." -Dr. Milton Watson, Bethesda, MD

"An outstanding seminar on family life-I will certainly be sharing Dr. Sachs's thoughts and insights with my colleagues and patients in the coming months." -Dr. Leslie Bagog, Philadelphia, PA

"It was like receiving a new set of tools for my therapeutic toolbag and having my confidence in my skills restored-Dr. Sachs has an uncanny understanding of the complexities of clinical work." -Dr. Maria Schuster, Cleveland, OH

"Impossible to imagine a more entertaining and humane presenter-Dr. Sachs was simply terrific." -Dr. Jane Baumgartner, Minneapolis, MN

"Dr. Sachs's workshop was concise, relevant, high-quality, and extremely worthwhile." -Dr. Cindy Rodriguez, New York, NY

"I have already put into practice many of the strategies that Dr. Sachs recommended, and have gotten great results-he's one-of-a-kind." -Dr. James Rebarge, Birmingham, AL

"An invaluable experience-Dr. Sachs's clinical perspectives are unique, relevant, and highly applicable in the work that therapists do." -Dr. Ginger McIntosh, Hartford, CT

"I am indebted to Dr. Sachs for awakening my entire staff, and inspiring them to become the clinicians that they are all capable of becoming." -Dr. Cindy Levy, Red Bank, NJ

"Provocative and stimulating-Dr. Sachs challenged every single one of us to think differently, and more positively, about the patients that we see and the work that we do." -Dr. Max Lindenauer, Memphis, TN